Our contact persons at Electronics of Tomorrow 2021

Claus Chr. Moos

CEO & owner

Frank Kjeldsen

Development engineer & Project manager

Andrea Tothova

Business engineer & PR


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News 23.08 2021 Stepper motor driver and analyser

Our advanced Stepper motor driver and analyser is listed as an official 3rd party NI CompactRIO module and available on-demand!:NI Compact RIO 3rd Party products.The CCM 2282 and CCM 2283 modules are stepper motor drivers and analysers for both unipolar a... Read the whole post

CCM Electronic Engineering Aps Case artikler

Hardware Charger connector tester

Don’t let the unassuming title fool you – this exciting project a part of the latest trends, as the setup will test charging busbars for electric vehicles!  The sensitive part of the tested component is in fact the adapter box between busbars and the cars... Read the whole case

Hardware Robot compatible PCB tester and programmer

This project brings us to the frontier of automation as we design a PCB tester which can be operated by a robot. The test station houses an exchangeable fixture, which increases the flexibility and eases the maintenance of the setup. The solution is an up... Read the whole case

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