Conferences on EOT

Conference programme, Thursday 11 May

Below you can get an overview of some of the many conferences taking place at the fair on Thursday.

The programme will be updated on an ongoing basis and is subject to change.

IDA Stage

The conference programme for IDA Stage will soon be updated.

PE Stage

The conference programme for PE Stage will soon be updated.

DI Stage

10.00 - 10.45

Zachariah Peterson 

Northwest Engineering Solutions

#300 - DIFFERENTIAL PAIR DESIGN FOR 112 Gbps AND FASTER SYSTEMS will rely on up to 224 Gbps channels with PAM-4 modulation. Examples include data center architecture, servers, compute accelerators, and high-end applications in mil-aero. This presentation will show the fundamental theory and practical applications of designing differential interconnects for these very high data rates.
Topics to be covered include:

  • Examples of PCB stackups that can support routing in these systems
  • A full theory addressing transmission line design at high frequencies
  • Principles for via design beyond 5-10 GHz bandwidths
  • Noise and crosstalk involving differential pairs
  • Why it’s sometimes best to limit length tuning
  • SI factors such as mode conversion and reflections

Examples of real systems that were designed by the author and have entered volume manufacturing will be presented to illustrate these important concepts. Simulation examples will also be used to help illustrate the importance of certain design choices, and to illustrate some basic rules that help ensure signal integrity.