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Look forward to a wide range of workshops at the EOT, where you will have plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself, develop your professional competences on topical issues and take home concrete knowledge.  

The workshops will be updated on an ongoing basis and is subject to change.

Programme overview, Thursday 11 May

Please note: There are a limited number of 25 attendees to each workshop  

10:30 - 12:00 | Workshop area 2 | Industrial Design

Danish #350 - UX for design af morgendagens HMIer

Lasse Langelund Pedersen, Global Sales Manager, Seritronic

En introduktions-workshop for virksomheder der arbejder med HMIer og gerne vil arbejde mere målrettet med user experience design.
Vi fokuserer på trends inden for HMI-design og user interfaces, med udgangspunkt i vores erfaringer og konkrete kundecases.
Under workshoppen får du et første overblik over mulighederne og fordelene af at arbejde med user experience design og hvordan du kan komme i gang med en professional UX set-up.

Arrangeret i samarbejde med:
Nordic IoT Centre

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10:30 - 12:00 | Workshop area

Great Britain #352 - Live reloading of micro-services on your ESP32 

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Kasper Lund, CEO and co-founder,

Toit is an open source language for the ESP32 family of chips. It enables building your firmware out of modular services that can be installed and upgraded on your ESP32 in a couple of seconds via WiFi without ever rebooting the device. The services run isolated from each other and communicate through an efficient RPC mechanism which allows separating complex drivers (like the ones for cellular modems) completely from your own code. Built by the engineers that brought you the V8 JavaScript engine, Toit is a novel take on a new development experience for micro-controllers.

Workshop description:
In this workshop, you’ll get hands-on experience with Toit on an ESP32-based device. We will cover the basic workflows that use live reloading over local WiFi to build a simple device driver that uses the I2C protocol and extend it to use multiple independent services. We will then connect the device to the cloud and service it remotely by pushing updates of configurations, applications, and firmware through a hosted Supabase instance acting as a broker.

We will bring devices and cables, but you should bring a development laptop so you can get the full developer experience.

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12:30 - 14:00 | Workshop area

Great Britain #353 - Audio streaming on ESP32 - CANCELLED

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Nicolai Dyre Bülow, Embedded hardware software developer, PolyDecibel Tech

Would you like to see open source disruption in the audio industry? We would. 
After a couple of years worth of tinkering, we at PolyDecibel are now very excited to give you the opportunity to experience our open source, smart audio amplifier: µVox.
Unlike most other audio streaming-platforms, µVox gives audio-enthusiast and professionals serious flexibility in their projects. Featuring an ESP32 Microprocessor for audio streaming & user interaction, plus a Merus Audio Amplifier (up to 2x80W), µVox aims at powering all of your audio projects.

Workshop description:
In this workshop you will get the opportunity to get hands-on experience with µVox, and the software ecosystems surrounding it, ahead of its official launch. Furthermore, you will also be given an introduction to smart audio streaming solutions in general, alongside an introduction to the ESP32 Development framework. 
We will also look into the digital signal processing capabilities of µVox - and here we hope that you would want to join in for some experimentation. 

Our build-system is easily set up - and we will provide necessary hardware, assuming you bring your own laptop!

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ESP workshop from the exhibition in 2021