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Micro Technic A/S

Skylark LIVE is the IoT platform that connects to your IoT devices and makes it easier to maintain optimal performance across your IoT devices with effective remote assistance and optimization.
Skylark LIVE keeps your IoT devices up to date with the latest firmware and security updates and monitors the status of connectivity, battery level, and other health data.
Remote assistance of your IoT devices makes it easier to identify where to usefully use resources, creating the most value for your business and customers.
Setup and connecting Skylark IoT devices is simple. You scan the IoT device with your cell phone and connect the IoT device to the Skylark LIVE platform with an app.
We make sure to transport all your data safely to a destination of your choice. All data is owned by you.

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Micro Technic A/S

Micro Technic is a company with a passion of making digital communication possible and give the knowledge to make sustainable choices for a better world.

Micro Technic makes data collection simple so you can make sustainable choices and optimize the use of your resources.
Electronics is in our DNA, and for more than 40 years, we have worked with every aspect of IoT – even before the term IoT came up.

Our vision is to create a more sustainable world through smarter data collection solutions.
Our mission is to make data collection simple - with smarter and simple IoT solutions.

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