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In order to use Simplewires digital marking system, you need a scanner to pick up the ID's that our routers transmit out on the cables. The scanner is a pockets sized handheld device that that tell you which breaker you will find on the other end of the electronic equipment that you are scanning. You can therefore identify your wire connection in seconds.

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Simplewire is the future in marking of electrical installations, replacing the old way of using labels and tags. With Simplewire's patented solution, you never have to use physical tags or labels on electrical installations again.

Digital marking is embedded in the installation and can be read anywhere along wires and cables instead of only being available where labels are applied.

That's the reason Simplewire's digital marking system is the best marking system in the world.

But how does it work?

Simplewire's Routers transmits the ID of breakers onto the cables.

This means that

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