Catch The Wave

There’s a new wave at EOT, and you can really look forward to exploring the new event area and get all your senses stimulated. The new event area will be buzzing with sound, acoustics, technology and innovation, and it has been given the name The Wave, which refers to both sound waves and new trends. 

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About The Wave

There’s a new wave in sound, acoustics, technology and innovationgoing out from Denmark, the World’s strongest hot spot for Sound Tech!

The Wave are made in partnership with Sound Hub Denmark and Danish Sound Cluster, showcasing the deep competences, talent, diversity and fantastic opportunities on the Danish Sound Tech stage.

Meet brilliant products, ideas and startups and enablers with the potential to make it happen. Join in with researchers, scientists, thinkers and tinkerers, doers, networking bonanza, business and knowledge in one spot.

Explore the Wave's universe of sound technology all three exhibition days and Thursday,11 May, you can also experience a conference featuring specific cases and exciting researchers.


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Below you can get an overview of the speakers you can experience within the conference track Audio Wave. You can ook forward to experiencing conferences featuring specific cases.

Torben Vilsgaard
Director, Danish Sound Cluster

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Jens Lynge Petersen
Chief Technical Officer, Dynaudio

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Pedro Costa
CEO and Founder, Auricle

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Jan Abildgaard Pedersen
CEO and Founder, President of the Danish Section of the AES, Jan Abildgaard Pedersen Consult & Audio Engineering Society

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The Wave has been created in collaboration with:

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Learn what our collaborators
say about the new event area:

We aim to make sound relevant in industries other than the usual ones by inspiring the industries that need sound in their products - and those that don't yet realise that they have a need. In addition, we must spread awareness of how strong Denmark is in the field of sound, states Peter Petersen, CEO of Sound Hub Denmark, and continues:

 Our overall goal is to attract talent and knowledge workplaces to Denmark, and we see EOT as a good opportunity to bring more people here, unfold the sound and stimulate an even greater utilisation of the country's position of strength in sound. This can be done through more cross-sector partnerships, use of world-class facilities and ultimately a physical presence here in Denmark. Innovation, talent development and entrepreneurship, as well as learning communities are at the forefront of our minds.

- Peter Petersen, CEO in Sound Hub Denmark  

The Wave highlights the Danish sound industry, which with 50,000 employees deserves a completely different level of attention than it is currently receiving. The industry accounts for four per cent of Danish exports and has an annual turnover of DKK 70 billion, while at the same time crying out for qualified manpower

This is why it is very important to create visibility and awareness of the industry and its many attractive jobs. And one of the purposes of The Wave is thus, as far as we are concerned, to clarify what the Danish sound industry is actually capable of. There is a high level of innovation - for instance, the technology used in Danish hearing aids is significantly more advanced than the technology used in many of the tech giants' products.

- Torben Vilsgaard, CEO in Sound Cluster Denmark