Warning against Fair Guide

MCH has previously urged all exhibitors to be very careful before entering into a written agreement with:

The company Global EXPO LIST, which offers a list of participants and their contact details;
the Austrian company Fair Guide, which, through the company Construct Data Verlag AG, operates the Internet portal www.fairguide.com;
the Mexican company Commercial Online Manuals S de RL de CV, which operates the website www.expo-guide.com via the German company Expo-Guide; 
The Slovak company Event Fair, which operates the website www.eventandfair.org. 
Both Fair Guide, Expo-Guide and Event Fair regularly send written offers of admission/advertising on their Internet portal to exhibitors who have participated in trade fairs or exhibitions at MCH. These companies have obtained the exhibitors' names without our knowledge or consent and have thus unlawfully copied MCH's website - and the offers may even be designed to give the misleading impression that MCH cooperates with the companies in question.

No co-operation with Fair Guide, Expo-Guide or Event Fair

We would like to emphasise that MCH Messecenter Herning Kongrescenter does not have any kind of cooperation whatsoever with the above-mentioned guides. We have never supplied exhibitor names/listings to them, and we strongly dissociate ourselves from these companies' methods. By signing an agreement with Fair Guide, Expo-Guide or Event Fair, you agree to pay up to DKK 25,000 for 3 years of inclusion on their Internet portals. It is of course up to each person individually to decide whether you wish to use this service - we certainly don't think it's worth the money.

German court judgement against Fair Guide

Fair Guide uses the same method in many different countries. However, there has been a breakthrough in many trade fair organisers' and exhibitors' fight against Fair Guide as the Chemnitz Regional Court in Germany has ruled against Fair Guide. The judgement states that the company is guilty of fraud, that Construct Data Verlag AG cannot make a claim for payment against a customer who has signed the company's form, that the customer's entry on the Internet site must be deleted and that Construct Data Verlag AG must pay the legal costs of both parties. MCH is in possession of a copy of the judgement and its grounds in both German and English.

Other similar companies

Please note that other companies also use a concept that is confusingly similar to the above-mentioned guides, e.g. EU Company Directory, World Business Guide, etc. We are not aware of any judgements against Expo-Guide or other companies, but can merely state that their business methods are largely identical to those of Fair Guides.

Warning about fake invoices and suspicious e-mails

MCH would like to warn against fake invoices and suspicious offers for visitor lists from our fairs. We have ourselves received a number of e-mails with suspicious content, and we strongly dissociate ourselves from these e-mails and methods. Here is an example of a suspicious e-mail:


I am following up to confirm if you are interested in acquiring the Visitors/Registrants List.

FoodTech Herning 2020
29 Sep - 01 Oct 2020
Registrants Counts: 8,974 

Each record of the list contains: Contact Name, Email Address, Company Name, URL/Website, Phone No, Title/Designation.

 It is difficult to physically perform the event because of the corona virus. However, currently the best way to grow your business is through digital. This list will help you pass information about your organization and products directly and digitally to the buyer. This list will help you to acquire many potential clients/leads.

If you are interested in acquiring the list, we can provide you the cost and additional details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards,