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Stansomatic A/S

Would you like us to handle the packaging of your parts and avoid having multiple suppliers for each manufacturing process? Stansomatic is an all-in-one supplier from concept and production to packaging and delivery.

We package and wrap your products in tape and reel, blisters, trays or another customer-specific packaging. Most of our electronic customers want their SMD (surface mount devices) components packaged and ready for SMT (surface mount technology). Precision and attentiveness are keywords for our packaging department – this applies both to our packaging robots and our manual packaging.

Automatic robot packaging or packaging by hand
Our packaging robots are equipped with vision systems that inspect and sort the small metal parts. The system first inspects and scans for irregularities and automatically sorts out parts with errors. Errors are categorized as scratches, dents, discoloration or deformations. This is carried out through 2D surface inspection and snapshot 3D measurement. With a robot that runs around the clock, the number of filled trays increases and employees are spared from heavy lifting and monotonous repetitive work.

All manual packaging stations are equipped with vision cameras to ensure that every product faces the same direction. If one part faces another direction, the system stops and lets the employee know about the problem.
Stansomatic has significant experience with production for the medical device and equipment industry and consequently offers packaging in an ISO class 8 cleanroom.

Do you require another type of packaging? Please contact us and we will try our best to find a solution that accommodates your requirements.

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Stansomatic A/S

R&D and production of quality stamping parts
Stansomatic is a trusted supplier of complex metal and hybrid parts with tight tolerances. We are your single-source partner - from development, tool design and tool manufacturing to production, packaging and delivery.

We are involved in optimizing your part design and price to reduce your time to market and manufacturing costs. We use PPAP, APQP, medical validation and 100% vision inspection to eliminate errors and to document that we have met all obligations.

In-house competencies:
• R&D department for tool design
• Prototype department

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