What is embedded software?

The embedded software is often what distinguishes one product from another on the market by giving a device its actual function. Two similar hardware designs can, in principle, behave very differently depending on the embedded software. With the development of embedded software is extremely time consuming. Where previously you could land a space shuttle with 200 lines of code, a paid app might require 200,000 lines of code.

AT EOT you will be able to see examples of how IP (intellectual property), cores and objects can "drag-and-drop" their way to an embedded design rather than spending oceans of time on code writing (with subsequent debugging). There will also be tools for synthesis, simulation and verification that help optimize the design.

Finally, architectures must also be taken into account in the development of embedded software: Should the products communicate at the edge or in the cloud? It's about speed (or rather "latency" = delay) and pairing datasets (maybe even so-called "big data"). Building management can benefit from drawing on meteorological data in the cloud, while self-driving cars should preferably be able to communicate with each other at lightning speed – at the edge – in future traffic.

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