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Simplewire is the future in marking of electrical installations, replacing the old way of using labels and tags. With Simplewire's patented solution, you never have to use physical tags or labels on electrical installations again.

Digital marking is embedded in the installation and can be read anywhere along wires and cables instead of only being available where labels are applied.

That's the reason Simplewire's digital marking system is the best marking system in the world.

But how does it work?

Simplewire's Routers transmits the ID of breakers onto the cables.

This means that you have the most accurate source of identification at every place in a building, at the entire length of cables, at branching points, and at every type of termination, e.g. sockets or lamp sockets.

Our digital system is fast and easy to set up and can be retrofitted on all switchboards.

Install on each breaker, connect them to the Controller via bus cable, and you're ready to go.

Once the system is installed in the switchboard, our pocket-size Scanner can scan any part of the installation and get the exact breaker ID that it's connected to with zero risk of error.

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Sasha Steinbock Beck

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